Eco-Friendly Silicone Lid Spill Stopper Pot Cover

Eco-Friendly Silicone Lid Spill Stopper Pot Cover

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★ This food grade silicone anti-overflow cap is designed specifically for the kitchen. How to cook or bake at home.

★ To avoid splashes and droplets of cooking oil by soiling your countertop or for the entire duration of a slow cooking program!

★ This lid features a vapor release vent and a silicone handle that is easy to hold.

Material: silicone

Color: red and green

Weight: 200g

Product Size: 10.2 inch

Working temperature range: -40 ° F to 482 ° F.


★ Safety: BPA free, food grade silicone, non-toxic.

★ Easy to clean: non-stick water, not sticky oil, easy to clean.

★ Multi-purpose: to prevent splashes and drops of cooking oil can also be placed in the microwave or in the fridge, etc.

★ Heat resistant: Working temperature range -40 ° F to 482 ° F, high temperature resistance for a healthy kitchen.

★ Stackable: No central knob allows a better fridge organization. Chef approved!